Refund Policy

All sales made as of July 15th, 2020 are subject to each Product’s or Service’s specific refund policy, as stated herein:

Maximillian Plus, Inc offers many different softwares, courses and even live trainings to our students.

Some purchases come with a NO REFUND policy given the amount of time energy and skills that go into creating them.
Pre-Built Stores ($197 and $97), Organic Ecom Academy ($47), The $0-100k Workbook ($24.95), the HTMB University ($497, $997, $1,500, $2,000, $3,000, and $5,000 ) come with a NO REFUND POLICY.

Unless otherwise stated on the specific Product’s or Service’s sales page and order form and/or in these Terms, there are no refunds allowed for the purchase of the 'Ecom Mastery 1-on-1 Program' or 'Ecom Mastery Private Client Program' (all prices). All sales are final.

However, the Legacy Bundle ($9.95) has a 30 day refund guarantee policy.

Any product sold by or on behalf of Maximillian Plus, Inc will have CLEARLY on any sales material the refund policy along with a link to this page prior to purchasing. All order forms and checkout forms will also clearly indicate our refund policies and link to this page here for further reference.
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